Paper Trail: Why Should Shredding Sensitive Documents be a Priority

Man shredding important documentAll sensitive information should be kept confidential; otherwise, businesses can either expect a lawsuit from their clients or risk giving away their secrets to competitors. It’s as simple as that.

Companies are well aware of the fact, and they take extra measures to make sure that all confidential information is handled within a specified time only and then purged wholly and immediately. There are many ways to dispose of such information, but shredding is the most common and effective method.

The Importance of Shredding Documents

Shredding experts such as ALLways Shred advise exercising caution when handling clients’ personal information, such as their social security number, credit card details, contact details, and others. Should any information leak, the company will be responsible for the consequences. Apart from privacy concerns and confidentiality, sensitive documents must be shredded for the following reasons:

  • The law requires it – The legislation for information privacy and security is stringent. Businesses will be subject to penalties for non-compliance.
  • To prevent identity theft – Identity theft is common enough in the US, with residents aged 16 and above becoming a victim at least once.
  • To reduce or prevent reputation risk – An information leak will be disastrous to the company. If customers and clients don’t feel safe, the company could lose them.
  • To promote efficiency – Papers piling up creates one more risk of information leak. Most companies have policies that limit the physical storage of documents before they are destroyed.

Helping the Environment

Besides the reasons mentioned above, shredding papers also helps protect the environment a little at a time. Though shredded paper can be difficult to recycle like regular papers, it is still possible, and each ton of recycled paper saves about 17 trees.

Shredding is all about the safety of everyone involved. Even the environment can benefit from it.