Negotiating Tips with Moving Companies

Movers carrying boxes with fragile itemsOne of the reasons some people choose to forego hiring movers is budget. Yes, you would have to shell out a certain amount for such services, and, depending on a lot of factors, your fees can go from reasonable to a bit extravagant.

But, like any service, you are paying for the convenience and safety. You might have already gotten your hands on various cross-country moving services quotes but still find it a bit more than your budget. The good news is that you can negotiate with the company to meet in the middle. Find out how below.

Check for deals online

Most moving companies have websites. Check them out from time to time as companies often offer discounted deals that might work for you. If not, you can personally ask them for packages they could offer you.

Get more than three quotes

Collect as many quotes as you can, and then compare each one against the other. Be observant when comparing, though. You cannot compare apples to oranges, so you have to have a middle ground. While you are at it, negotiate with them as well.

Be open to compromise

Negotiation means both sides compromise and meet in the middle. A lot of companies allow such negotiations provided that there will be necessary changes in the deal.

For example, agreeing to move in the middle of the week, instead of during weekends can get you a better deal. Or, packing and unpacking yourself will lessen the fee.

Declutter beforehand

The fewer things you move, the cheaper you would probably have to pay. Do not hesitate to ask for a second evaluation or quote after you have decluttered your things. You will see a significant change in the rate.

Use these points as leverage on negotiating with a moving company and see how they can get you good deals.