Is It Time to Call a Plumber?

Plumber smiling and ready to workWe all use water in our everyday lives. We use it for drinking and cooking. We use it when we take a bath. We use it for keeping our house clean. That is why it is important always to have clean and safe water in your household.

Unfortunately, plumbing issues sometimes arise, threatening the flow of safe water. It is, therefore, critical for you to learn the signs that it is time to call for plumbers in your Nelson home.

Pipe knocking

If you hear knock-like noises from inside your pipes when you are taking a shower or filling the bathtub, or when the kitchen sink is running, then you have a problem. Several factors can cause a “water hammer,” including pressure in the pipe after use, loosened support straps, too much water pressure, above 60 PSI, and loose valves in the system. They make your pipes jerk and shift from their original place. If left unfixed, they may cause the pipes to break and leak.

Slow drainage

If water is not or is slowly draining from your sinks or bathroom, it is likely that you have a plumbing problem. Either there is pooled water that blocks your drainage system, or you have a broken pipe. This will pose risks to your family’s health if the water in your pipes gets contaminated and mould starts to develop behind your walls.

No hot water

Hot water tanks have a set capacity. If you use up too much hot water in a short period, you will need to allow the heater sometime to heat the water. However, if you turn on water after a long time and it is cold, then you have a problem.

Water has multiple uses in a home. Therefore, it is critical to ensure a constant flow of clean healthy and safe water. If any of the above signs occur, contact a plumber immediately.