Improving Office Design to Create a Better Work Environment

Interior of office with open space layoutInvesting in office design is not only a way to make your office look attractive; it is also about improving employee morale and productivity. The right office design provides an engaging and suitable working environment for your employees.

According to Simon Stockfeld, a property development director in Adelaide, offices today need to become more adaptable to meet different employee needs and preferences, which ultimately lead to better work performance. Here are some ways to achieve that:

Better Lighting

Working long hours in a dark, enclosed office can sap the morale of any employee.

Make sure that your office has good lighting options to help employees avoid feeling drowsy or straining their eyes. In addition to light fixtures and windows, doors can also contribute to better lighting; for example, sliding glass door systems can be installed to make your office look brighter and more spacious.

Ergonomic Furniture

Uncomfortable chairs and desks can lead to back pain, neck strains, poor posture and other aches and sores. Ergonomic furniture provides better body support to help staff focus on their work without the distraction of chronic pain. Some offices offer the option of standing desks which help employees practice better posture and engage in physical activity while working.

Communal Spaces

Defined cubicle areas can make collaboration difficult between staff in the office. Communal spaces, like open-plan workstations, provide a convenient area for employees to collaborate on different tasks and projects. Aside from encouraging better teamwork and camaraderie, these spaces also increase morale by enabling human interaction.

The right office design is not only about painting the office walls or hanging artwork in the lobby; it is about adjusting the space to meet the demands of the people who work there. After all, offices are conducive environments − not just for getting work done, but for fostering a healthier and happier team of colleagues.