I Want To Invest In London – What Are My Options?

Business meetingWhen looking for Investment Companies London askivy.net provides a list of Private Equity firms in London, this information may well help potential investors to find the names of various companies who can make private equity investments on their behalf. However this does not provide the background to any of these firms and investors may be unsure of what the previous track records of these firms may be. Companies who promote these products, such as AMYMA, can sometimes do this work for you.

Investment Companies London are not restricted to just private equity but there are many different ways to invest and types of investments as well as types of investment companies into which you may wish to make an investment.

Some examples of this would include debt based instruments such as Capital or Corporate Bonds which may be suitable for certain investors as well as other types of investment such as share purchase either directly or by way of Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS) which are supported by HMRC and can give many potential tax breaks especially to high earners.

Investment Companies London like AMYMA offer investments into several different areas and types of investment, these investments generally have a defined term and will have a maturity date. Between the investment and maturity the investments will pay a return based upon the amount invested, this is either paid regularly throughout the term or rolled up and all paid out upon maturity depending upon the terms if the investment.

The Investment Companies London who operate in this sector are not generally regulated by the FCA and cannot offer financial advice of any kind, we suggest that anyone who thinks they may want to receive advice consult an appropriate Financial Adviser. AMYMA however are regulated by the FCA but do not provide advice, most of the products they offer are suitable only for High Net Worth or Sophisticated Investors and are not suitable for normal or retail clients. Most of the products they offer are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme which means that should they go wrong you would not be covered.

As you can see investing with Investment Companies London can be very lucrative but it is very important to ensure that the investments you are making are well structured and as safe as they can be. That is why talking to your AMYMA agent could be beneficial if you are looking to make an investment.