Different Social Media Platforms and How Marketers Can Use Them to Their Advantage

people using their phonesPeople are online. That means you should be, as well.

The job of a marketer largely revolves around their clients’ target markets. As such, marketers must have their finger on the pulse of the market – they must know what their clients’ clients want and how they want it.

Today, social media has made the jobs of marketers just a little bit easier, to that end.

Social media marketing works by engaging your audience – getting likes, shares, comments – on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. But, there’s more to social media marketing than creating a business account. Many users tend to act differently on different social media sites. That is why you should also market according to the platform.

Facebook Advertising

There are about 2.3 billion Facebook users in the world. Imagine if your business can reach even just a small portion of that number with just one post. That is exactly what advertising on Facebook can do. Whether you have a large enterprise located on Wall Street or a retail store in a small town like Appleton WI, Facebook ads can help you gain a better return on investment.

If you advertise on Facebook, be careful not to hard sell. Users go to Facebook to have fun or to chat with friends; so, bombarding them with ads may hurt your brand. Instead, you can use the site to engage your followers by posting photos, promos, or updates instead of simply trying to sell your products.

Twitter Advertising

Advertising on Twitter is a bit trickier than doing so on Facebook because you only have a 280-character limit to address your followers with each tweet.

Try to be as creative and active as possible. Twitter is mostly all about conversation and interaction – as such, when a follower tweets you, always reply to it. Additionally, some business Twitter accounts use humor to get retweets and to go viral, which means good publicity.

Instagram Advertising

Instagram has more than 800 million users, and you can reach this audience with Instagram ads. The application offers photo ads, video ads, carousel ads, and stories ads. The video ads can last for up to 60 seconds while the carousel ads allow you to include multiple photos in one post.

Apart from publishing materials through Instagram ads, you can also hire a manager to curate your feed and make your photos look clean and sharp. Remember, your social media posts are a reflection of your brand, so it’s always best to put your best foot forward – and to keep it there.

For the public, social media is a venue to freely express themselves, but for marketers, it’s more than that: it is a marketing platform. Because these outlets seem like they are not going anywhere any time soon, marketers and entrepreneurs can – and should – make these sites work for them.