Common Public Relations Strategies

PR specialist working on his press releasesPublic relations can make a long-lasting impact on public awareness at a low cost. Getting publicity through PR is viewed to be a low-cost alternative that is more effective compared to other marketing tactics like traditional advertising and media buying. As public relations slowly transitions from its traditional form and evolves into a digital form, a great number of PR practitioners today are relying on digital tools to help support their outreach strategies. Babbler presents several common PR strategies available.

Building highly-targeted contacts

Finding media contacts that cover your brand or business can be a huge leap to make in public relations. There are various media relation tools available on the markets which offer extensive databases of media contacts.


PR specialists can use different tools such as blogging and micro blogging to create and maintain a relationship with the target audience. Blogs can also help organizations establish a two-way communication. Today’s blogs include pictures which were not available in traditional public communities like message boards and forums.

Press Releases

Press releases are meant to inform the media about the events going on in a company. However, getting your press releases noticed can be quite difficult. Emailing press releases can be quite effective if one has contacts in the media and has digital software that could help spread the word.

Social media

Social media platforms can allow you to bypass the media and reach your customers directly. Using different social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram allows companies to drive traffic to their websites, follow and be followed by journalists, enhance exposure for their brands, as well as manage issues by responding quickly to negative perceptions or criticism.

An effective public relations campaign involves creatively sharing information about your business. Traditional PR companies are missing out on huge opportunities by not capitalizing on digital data and diving deeper into placements that further media relations efforts. Using these and other PR strategies available can help you establish a relationship with the target audience and maintain it at a high level.