3 Ways You Can Stay on Schedule with Your Roofing Project

Roof replacementReplacing your home’s roof is a labor-intensive project. Depending on the type of roof, as well as other considerations, the entire job could take a roofing company from a few days to more than a week. But, sometimes, a variety of unexpected situations can arise during the project that can throw your roofers off their intended timeline. As the homeowner, you can do a few things to help your roofing crew avoid delays and stay on schedule:

Keep a Close Eye on Weather Forecasts

Typically, rainy and snowy weather conditions do not mix well with a roofing job. For instance, if a big storm hits your town shortly after beginning the roofing project, then you better expect that the job will not be completed on time. While it’s difficult to predict every weather event, you can help your roofers get a more precise idea of what’s headed to your area using reliable weather forecast apps. Keep a close eye on weather forecasts, and help plan the project accordingly.

Ask About Material Deliveries

The best roofers in Lancaster, PA create detailed project timelines, and these often include the schedule of material deliveries. If that isn’t the case with your project, have your roofing contractor plan for delivery time-frames, especially for custom-ordered products.  Remember, delivery delays can put a definite damper on re-roofing. Make sure all the required materials are on-site before any work begins.

Make Sure There is a Designated Foreman

Like any team, roofing crews work more efficiently when there is someone in charge, like a designated foreman. With a foreman on site, you can expect that there will be someone to oversee the project and to make sure everything stays on track. Don’t be afraid to ask for the foreman’s name as they will be your point person for any concerns about the roofing job.

Above all, be clear on all aspects of the project ahead of time. Changing your mind about the roof shingles or decorative trims mid-project will only result in costly delays. Make sure you’re satisfied with all your choices before your contractor starts re-roofing your home.