Smart Commuter: 4 Tips Before Renting a Car in Manila

Night view of MakatiAs the country’s busiest city, commuting in Manila can be a bit tricky, especially for tourists and expats. Today, even residents are now looking for a more convenient way to go around and outside the metro.

Those who need a car for a short period consider renting a car for convenience and practicality. Before you book your reservation, recommends answering the following questions:

Tip #1: Do you really need to rent a vehicle?

While renting a car can be convenient, keep in mind that there are other means of transportation to choose from. This includes the Light Rail Transit (LRT) and the Manila Metro Rail Transit (MRT). GrabCar is also one of the popular options for commuters. Other transportation services include regular jeepneys, taxis, and shuttle services.

Do your research about the place you’re going to. Sometimes, a trip to the nearest train station can be more convenient and faster than riding a cab. Try to ask around or read forums online for more information.

Tip #2: Do you still need to hire a driver?

This is one of the common mistakes when renting a car. Make it clear to the service provider whether you need a driver or you’re just renting the vehicle. Usually, they will require you to provide certain documents like driver’s license and valid IDs if you’re just renting the car. If you’re a tourist, be sure to bring your travel documents, proof of billing abroad, proof of accommodation, a copy of your flight ticket, and your passport.

Tip #3: Do they provide insurance?

A reputable car rental business usually provides insurance for their clients. Ask for proper documentation and make sure you have the original copy to avoid discrepancies in the future. Do a profile check and read reviews about their services. This will help narrow down your options when looking for a car rental service provider.

Tip #4: Do you know the regular car rental rates?

Car rental rates may vary depending on the type of vehicle, location, and destination. It ranges from 1,000 pesos to 5,000 pesos per day. Ask for a quotation from the service provider and make sure they provide a breakdown of costs to avoid any hidden charges.

Whether you’re commuting around the metro or you need a vehicle for an out of town vacation, you have many options. Always weigh the pros and cons and be familiar with your destination to avoid any problem.