Key Features That Should Guide Your UTV Tire Choice

UTV driving through a muddy terrainIf you’re an outdoor enthusiast who loves driving through rugged terrains and dirt roads, you know what you need—a high-quality UTV or XTV that can help you get things done. With it, mud, steep inclines, or any other obstacle won’t be able to stop you from exploring the great outdoors.

When shopping from an 8×8 Argo XTV dealer like Shank’s Argo, one of the things you have to look at is the vehicle’s tires, as these will influence your riding experience. Here are a few features of XTV tires that you shouldn’t forget to consider:

Ply Rating

This rating reflects the strength of your tires in relation to their inflation pressures, puncture resistance, and ability to support heavy loads. Most UTV tires have ply ratings ranging from 2 to 6, but there are also some with an 8-ply rating. If you’re driving on roads with cactus, large sticks, and thorns, a 4-ply rating might be enough. But for very rough terrains, select a higher rating.

Tread Pattern

There are two primary categories of tread patterns—directional and non-directional. Most UTV tires are directional, meaning their tread patterns face one side and create a V-shape. The grooves formed pump water through your tires, helping them resist hydroplaning. Directional tires are the best choice if you’re driving in muddy and wet conditions.


These refer to the treads in contact with your driving surface for traction and grip. Deep and thick lugs are ideal since they cut through even the slickest surfaces like mud. Newer tires have lugs that wrap around their shoulders, providing an extra bite for slippery conditions. Some tires, meanwhile, have small asymmetrical lug patterns to improve their traction in gravel and dirt.

With these tire features, your 8×8 XTV ride will be the best value for money you can get. The latest range of XTVs has steel offset tire rims, admiral transmission, and high-performance engines. They are indeed the perfect choice for outdoor enthusiasts like you.