How You Could Stop Hefty Insurance Premiums from Ruining Your Motoring Experience

someone using a calculatorIf the thought of paying car insurance leaves a knot in your stomach, then you’re probably paying too much, says a provider of car insurance in Aurora.

The average rates vary between states with some states featuring high premiums. For instance, in Iowa, the average amount works to about $88, while in Georgia you’re likely to pay a princely $183.

In Illinois, the average cost works up to $114. The difference between the premiums in Georgia and Iowa is an impressive $100. If you are keen to make such as saving each month, without moving states, here are some crucial factors to address.

1. Polish that credit score.

Yes, like a bad penny, your terrible credit score will keep coming back to haunt you in the worst possible way. Drivers with poor credit scores end up paying up to thousands of dollars more than those with good credit.

The difference in monthly insurance premiums can range from as little as $20 to almost $500 depending on your state. Taking proactive measures such as paying your bills on time, lowering your credit card use, and paying off some debt in full improves your score. In so doing, you can escape the trap of costly insurance premiums.

2. Shop around for options.

You stand a better chance of getting good insurance rates if your credit score is on the good side of the scale. However, that shouldn’t stop you from shopping around if your credit score falls below par. Insurers are still happy to take your business.

Asking around for quotes might just land you a bargain that fits well into your budget. The difference between the highest and lowest quote as well as between the lowest and the second lowest quote could be shocking. By failing to do your research, you could be saddling yourself with high premium rates.

Hefty insurance premiums can put a damper on your motoring experience by padding your vehicle running costs. However, you can take proactive measures to keep the premiums cheap and affordable.